John of web development company Business Edge

from John - I’m actually a former COBOL developer from back when dinosaurs roamed the planet, who caught the internet bug when it arrived and morphed into a web developer. Basically, I just like figuring things out and being a web developer gives me the chance to do that for a good chunk of my day.

What do you do here?

Backend web developer.

What do you do when you’re not here?

Hang out with my wife and our six kids.

What is my favorite movie of all time?

Apollo 13

Where is your favorite place you’ve visited? Where would you like to go that you haven’t yet?

Yankee Stadium & Fenway Park

What video game do you enjoy the most? Do you like to play alone or with friends?

Pac Man either way.

Do you play any musical instruments? Have you ever been in a band?

No and no!

Who is your favorite singer or band? Would you dance in public to their music? If not, how much money would it take for you to dance in public to their music?

The Beatles and maybe $10.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

Pay off some bills and then donate some to St. Judes Children's Hospital.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari?


What can you do that most other people can’t do?

Name that tune!