Brandon Spilove, founder of web development company Business Edge

from Brandon - I started this company in 1997. I have been writing computer programs since the 4th grade when my parents bought me a Commodore Vic20 and hired a tutor to come and teach me programming. Not long after that I became proficient in BASIC and was just really good at figuring out complex problems on the computer and fixing them. Computers were always a hobby for me until I decided to quit graduate school at Rutgers University and get a job at a technology firm doing what I love. Soon after that I started this company and I am still able to stay very technical and develop high quality, scalable functionality for our clients along with running the day to day operations.

What do you do here?


What do you do when you’re not here?

When I'm not here, I'm usually at home with my wife and our 2 boys. I enjoy playing with my kids, barbecuing my famous fall off the bone ribs, and playing Guitar Hero on expert.

What is my favorite movie of all time?

Well the best movie of all time is the Godfather, but my favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Where is your favorite place you’ve visited? Where would you like to go that you haven’t yet?

My favorite place is Otter Lake campground in PA, I was there before Katrina though but I'd love to go back. I'd love to go on a European Cruise one day.

What video game do you enjoy the most? Do you like to play alone or with friends?

My favorite video game is Guitar Hero, and yeah with friends is always much better than alone.

Do you play any musical instruments? Have you ever been in a band?

I used to play the drums in middle and high school, but I've lost most interest in them now. I'd like to learn to play a real guitar someday and graduate from the Guitar Hero one.

Who is your favorite singer or band? Would you dance in public to their music? If not, how much money would it take for you to dance in public to their music?

My favorite band is The Doors. I have been known to dance to them (badly) in public in my younger years after some liquid motivation.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

Pay off my house, set aside money for my kids' college funds, and invest the rest in something safe.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari?

Firefox, hands down!

What can you do that most other people can’t do?

I can flip my tongue completely upside down. It's a huge hit with my kids and their friends.