Bob of web development company Business Edge

from Bob - I am the first line of support to help make sure that our clients websites and email are working properly. Along with customer support I work with our developers doing quality testing on new sites that are currently being built as well as testing new functionality on existing sites.

What do you do here?

Project management, testing, support, and dealing directly with our clients for just about anything.

What do you do when you’re not here?

I am into sports and if I am not playing them I am normally coaching my children's teams. The little time I have left(anyone that coaches or has coached knows what I mean) I try to spend time with my wife and 4 kids.

What is my favorite movie of all time?

My favorite movie of all time would have to be The Final Season. Its a great baseball movie.

Where is your favorite place you’ve visited? Where would you like to go that you haven’t yet?

I would say the favorite place I have visited is Sea World. It has been my favorite since I went there as a kid. I still enjoy going and I hope to one day swim with the dolphins.

What video game do you enjoy the most? Do you like to play alone or with friends?

I enjoy most military and racecar games. I definetially like to play with friends or family better than playing alone.

Do you play any musical instruments? Have you ever been in a band?

Unless you call a tupperware bowl and spoons an instrument than no. Never have or desired to be in a band.

Who is your favorite singer or band? Would you dance in public to their music? If not, how much money would it take for you to dance in public to their music?

I listen to all types of music. Don't have a favorite style....all depends on what mood I am in. As far as the dancing....I guess for the right price I would give it a go but normally no dancing. Heck I only danced 2 songs at my own wedding so can't expect too much. :)

If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

I would pay off all the bills to be debt free, take a long vacation and then it would be back to work.....with 4 kids it would take half of that if not more to get them thru college.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari?

Always used Internet Explorer but starting to move more towards Firefox as a favorite.