I want to share a common mistake that I see happen at many businesses when it comes to web development and hiring developers. Here is the scenario:

ABC Corp wants to build some web based software to help run their business. They do some research and come across a top notch web development company, Business Edge Services & Technologies! (shameless plug) Business Edge builds them a major web based software application and they start using it to run their business. It quickly becomes a mission critical application. ABC Corp has lots of additions they want to make to the software, so they ask Business Edge to implement new features and make other changes to the application over the next year or so.

At some point, ABC Corp begins to think it would be better if they hire their own developer to work on the application. So they go out and hire someone and they get to work.

All sounds great so far, right? Well, maybe not:

1. Building software for one company is not a full time job. The idea is to build the software and finish it. After all, the benefit in building your own software is so that you can use it after it's done and benefit from the ROI. If you hire a developer and plan to continuously develop it, then you never stop paying.

2. Developers get bored. Hiring a developer to build one application for one company is not going to keep a developer interested for the long haul.

3. Developers all develop differently (there's a tongue twister for ya). When your developer inevitably quits and you find yourself needing someone else, the new developer won't like what your old developer did and will want to change everything. This will introduce bugs and other instabilities because they will be making changes in something they didn't initially build.

4. Developers need to be managed. So even if you hire a developer you need someone that can manage them.

5. Today's web development requires more than the skillset of 1 developer. Web development involves many different disciplines these days, including front end, back end, database, mobile, testing, and more. Your 1 developer just became 2 or 3.

When your business runs on custom software, the most important thing is continuity. You need to be sure that your software can continue to be supported properly when developers quit and other changes occur. You also don't want to be in a situation where you are trying to come up with work for your developer to keep them busy because you can't think of more features to add. This is why it makes much more sense to hire a web development firm and have them complete the software so that you can start using it. Your web development firm will worry about providing continuity, keeping developers trained on the latest technologies, and keeping the necessary skillsets in house so that your application can be supported now and in the future.

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