Isn’t everyone trying to come up with a custom software application? Why are they doing this? Isn’t it just because it is the shiny new toy in the room? Well, actually there are a lot of great reasons to build a custom application. Creating custom computer applications can improve the functionality of your firm or small business. You may consider having custom applications developed if you need to provide a specialized software solution for clients or employees. You also may have a specific need that is not being met by your current software packages. Or you may simply need to save time and money. Whatever the reason, you should look at how the custom software application can help with running your business smoothly and how customers or employees will benefit from using it.

Repetitive Tasks. If you are a small business owner, you should think about how custom application software can be developed to save time, and how the software can help your customers. If you have a business that requires any kind of repetitive mundane tasks, or if you find yourself answering the same question over and over to your customers, there can be a custom software solution developed to address these issues.

Client Needs. How can a custom-written computer application help your small business? How can you have a strong relationship with your clients? One example would be an ad agency having an application that their clients can use to log in and see work in progress, and follow approval processes. Another could be a veterinarian’s office with a patient portal for pet owners to manage their pet’s health. The possibilities are endless since it is built for your specific needs as a business.

Saving Time. For applications such as employee time management or inventory, it might serve your business better if you make a custom software solution that they are required to use. Some companies opt for using free software which can require configuration time and effort. There is usually little to no technical support available with free software. So, while the free software solutions cost no money, they cost time and effort, and may have costly down time. Having a custom application software package developed can save time in all of these areas.

Saving Money. There is plenty of software out there that is part of an expensive software suite. Many firms may purchase this suite software but only use a part of it, thus paying full price while using only a fraction of what they bought. If you find yourself in this boat, it might be more cost efficient in the long run to hire a development team to create a custom software solution to fit your individual business needs. In addition, when you have the software custom-built for you, you own it, and don’t have to pay annual registration fees with some out of the box software. This brings your cost of ownership down.

Privacy. Data can be very sensitive. You may need to collect sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank accounts, and telephone numbers. For various reasons, you wish to store this data in a custom built database that you will own and control. For example, custom software solutions that use private databases can be ideal for health patients for pharmaceutical companies since health information is some of the most private information which would best serve patients’ needs for discretion and privacy. They are also essential for any retail or ecommerce businesses.

Custom application software makes your business or enterprise individual and unique and may be the thing to save you some time and money in the long run.

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